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Hi, I am Angel Lee and I started
It's A Wrap NYC out of a passion for designing and presenting the perfect present.
I know how time consuming gift wrapping can be and to most people it can be a hassle. So I now offer my time to do what I love, creating the perfect presentation for others. I really think you will love the concept we design exclusively for you.

We Have Gift Wrapping And Accessories ​​
To Make A Great Impression
Boxes and paper and bows—oh, my! If you’re like most people, there’s always a birthday, anniversary, graduation or holiday coming up that requires gift-giving.

Gift-giving requires Gift Wrapping, but what a pain it is to find the right box, gift bag, wrapping paper, ribbon, bow, etc. And then there’s the actual “wrapping” part, which requires both patience and skill to get it right.

If you want your wrapping to look as good as your gifts,  call us toll free at
"It's A Wrap NYC "
for all of your gift wrapping needs in
New York, NY.

​Wrapping for America's finest retailers

               ​In Store Retail    &   Corporate Specials​​

Custom prop wrapping
Television, Motion Pictures , Broadway Productions & Window Displays
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